Self Storage Marketing

Self storage marketing is the foundation of a good management company. You might have a lot of questions about what they do and don’t do. Hopefully, this article can help you out a little!

Here are a few good questions to ask a management company:

“What is their marketing plan? How will they close leads and rent units? Do you have a marketing plan in place with a cost associated with that? What should be included in your marketing plan?”
As competition heats up in our industry, you need to know how your self-storage management company plans to take on this challenge. 

Having a marketing plan in place will significantly increase your chances of weathering the storm.

Below is a list of things to consider when asking about marketing plans:
 Internet presence – may include a website, social media, aggregators, pay per click, etc.
 Ground-based Marketing – advertising at local businesses such as apartment complexes, realtors, moving companies, etc.
 Referral/discount programs
 Design of marketing materials
 Timing – how often will you run your marketing plan? Once a quarter, yearly?
 Reporting and tracking – How do they track it? Make sure they include how potential customers are tracked and followed up with. Because this helps to determine how successful (or not) a marketing plan is.
Once a marketing plan is complete, implementation of that plan is just as important. Most self-storage managers are not natural marketers, so proper training is critical. How will the staff be trained and by whom? The facility managers must be able to close these leads to make a difference. 

It’s vitally important that any management company you choose takes the time to implement this type of training. Customers have less patience than ever, so the best plan will win. Check out what we did for our customers! http://Client Stories